DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE: Important part of DISCO’s worldwide network

DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE, DISCO’s European head office, has services spanning but not limited to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Russia. It is the right place for needs related to the sale or maintenance of any dicing machine and blades, grinding equipment, laser cutter, related machines, wafer handling and application support.

In addition, DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE offers a processing service for when purchasing equipment is not practical. From prototypes to higher quantity production, DISCO’s Dicing-Grinding Service (DGS) provides manufacturing and processing of a variety of products, including unique solutions in wafer dicing, grinding, and thinning services.

DISCO: Leader in abrasive technologies

DISCO Corporation can look back on over 70 years of experience in the field of abrasive technologies and is the leading company for KIRU (Dicing), KEZURU (Grinding) and MIGAKU (Polishing). The need for more precise cutting, grinding and polishing of different material like silicon, glass or ceramics increases. Irrespective of the material, DISCO takes up every challenge to realize the best solutions for its customers. DISCO always works on the technologies in dicing and grinding ultra thin wafers, Dicing before Grinding, and Stress Relief process. To learn more about DISCO, visit www.disco.co.jp.